Global Tapware

pods-fisher032512 Global “Fisher” – Pre-Rinse
pods-globalrm032100 Global Rinse-Mate – Pre-Rinse
pods-globalss Global “Stainless” Tapware
pods-globalec Global “EC” – Easy Clean Tapware
pods-globalq Global “Q” – Tapware
pods-mixers Mixers
pods-guns Hoses and Trigger Guns
pods-spareparts Spare Parts

pods-reels Reels & Combi Sprays

We use a mix of quality Australian and Overseas components in our brands, with 3⁄4 of our models carrying a higher percentage mix of Australian content allowing us to proudly call it ‘ Australian Made/Australian Owned ‘. Australian Made certification applies to the following brands:

  • Global Rinse Maid
  • Global EC
  • Global Q

We work hard to ensure that we give the end user a high quality professional & robust products. We listen to our customers needs and refine our products to meet their specification, for example our Midi, Café & Adjustable Height Models.

We also invest time & money in R & D to develop new & innovative products such as already established in 2022 improvements to our Stainless Dual hob tap base where we now have a bigger base to incorporate a mat & housing for it. Along with developing our Midi & Adjustable height range of Pre-Rinses.

We are currently developing a new single Stainless Tap Body that can be turned into 8+ different types of tapware. Production of prototype are almost ready. We are planning for this to hit the market in early to mid 2013, once testing for A3718 is completed.

 We are proud to say we have minimal issues with warranty. In fact we are proud to say we operate on less than 1% warranty problems / issues with our brands. This is a very high achievement these days. That means you can be assured you are buying / using the best product on the market. 

We are always looking for new products to bring to the market and strengthening our “Go Green” strategy. Already we have introduced a Spray gun that has 3 interchangeable spray tips to do specific jobs and all with excellent Low flow rates. Another new product we have released to market in limited locations is our ‘Knee Operated Basins”, which we are soon to released in a new style & coloured range. We have also started to sell Stainless Steel bowls & basins to South East Qld zone only.