Hoses and Trigger Guns

We are excited to announce the new all Stainless Steel Triple Spray Head spray gun, called the “Global Kwik Clean 3”. It is WELS rated and Watermarked. It allows three spray patterns to be use on various & different surfaces, for example a soft spray to use on glasses or a strong straight spray to target tough to clean surfaces or the standard flat jet spray. This is not a cheap item as it is extremely robust & designed to be used in some of the toughest kitchen environments such as large restaurants or conference halls, etc. Here it will pay for itself in no time. Due to it high cost we are selling it as individual item and not as part of a pre rinse set up unless we are specifically asked too.

kwik Clean : 36 months Parts & Material (On-site Warranty)
Fisher : 36 months Parts & Material (On-site Warranty)
Rinse-Maid : 12 months Parts & Material (No on-site Warranty – replacement only)
Applies to all products purchased after 01 January 2014.

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