Global Stainless Tapware

We manufacture the Global Stainless range at our Brisbane factory. We use a mixture of high quality components made in both Overseas and Australia. Our Tapware comply with Australian WaterMark and WELS regulations.

Why use Stainless Steel Taps?

Stainless Steel has long been the mainstay of restaurant kitchens, hospitals and food preparation areas, etc where cleanliness and durability is required. Stainless also benefits not only the end user but the environment too. Stainless has great “Green” qualities, it is 100% recyclable and made from 60% recycled material. There is no wearing down of the surface unlike chrome plated brass taps. With stainless steel taps the toxic aspect is reduced resulting in no lead or arsenic that is found in Australian brass / chrome taps.

Tapware: 36 months Parts & Material

Taps With Spouts - Hob

Taps With Spouts - Wall