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Since 1991 Global Tapware, like many other companies, has undergone various changes during its 22 year life. These changes have been in company names and improvements in directions. The one constant is the same director for over 22 years. Global Tapware started out as a wholesaler to the plumbing retail outlet market in Queensland and Northern NSW, now it is specialist commercial tap manufacturer.

In 2006 an opportunity came up to take on the well known, USA made, ‘Fisher’ brand of tapware. This lead us to diversify firstly into selling on a national basis after obtaining WELS rating and registration. In 2009 we obtained “WaterMark – Level One” status after setting up our own manufacturing factory in Brisbane.

In Mid 2009 we started manufacturing the “Global Fisher” Pre Rinses and our own range of ‘Australian Made’ “Global Q” taps, and then later in 2011 we introduced the “Global Rinse Maid & EC” Pre Rinses & taps.

We use a mix of quality Australian and American components in our brands, with 3⁄4 of our models carrying a higher percentage mix of Australian content allowing us to proudly call it ‘Australian Made/Australian Owned’ (Global Rinse Maid, Global EC, Global Q).

We work hard to ensure that we give the end user a high quality professional & robust product. We listen to our customers needs and refine our products to meet their specification, for example our Cafe models.

We also invest time and money in R & D to develop new innovative products such as our new “Line Retractor” range, which has just been released, or the Rinse Maid brand of Pre-Rinses to compete against the cheaper / poor reliability & quality Asian imported Pre Rinses.This brand uses over 60% Australian content.

We are proud to say we have minimal issues with warranty. In fact we are proud to say we operate on less than 1% warranty problems / issues with our brands. This is a very high achievement these days. That means you can be assured you are buying / using the best product on the market.

Currently we are expanding our “Go Green” strategy. We already have the most water efficient spray guns in the market with the Fisher spray gun and now we offer our new ‘Kwik Clean 3’ range. Both are Watermarked & WELS rated to 6 star, 3.5 L/pm. We are now extending this Strategy further with our larger range of “Global Stainless” taps.