Global Fisher Pre-Rinses

We manufacture a hybrid range of Fisher tapware, at our Brisbane factory, to comply to Australian Standards (Watermark to level 1). We use a mixture of high quality components made in both American and Australia. All our tapware comply with Australian WaterMark and WELS regulations.


  • All Pre-Rinses are WELS 6 star, 3.5L/min Lic. No. 0308
  • All Pre-Rinses with a Spout / Pot Filler are WELS 3 star, 9L/min Reg. No. 0308
  • Note – Some photos shown may not be currently listed with WELS due poor or no sales over many years and therefore we have let them expire. They may also be listed under old part numbers. You should treat them as – “for purpose of showing what we can make to meet your requirements”. We can add them to WELS list as minor lines when you order- allow several weeks for registration.

Tapware: 36 months Parts & Material
PR Hoses: 12 months Parts & Material
On-site Warranty for both tapware and hoses.
Applies to all products purchased after 01 January 2014. Prior to this date a 24 month warranty applies.

Global Fisher Hob Mount & Line Retractor Pre Rinses

Global Fisher Wall Mount Pre Rinses

Global Fisher Cafe Pre Rinse (600mm high)

Global Fisher Sub Assemblies